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HYDRATION INFUSION: Trace mineral & electrolyte concentrate to replenish muscle, cells and fascia.  Re-mineralizing your water after practice helps accelerate  to fuel recovery, pH balance and mobility, and help prevent cramping*

Enjoy high-performance healing – without the junk.

Certified Vegan. Non-GMO . No Sugar. Gluten Free. No Known Allergens. GMP Certified.

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Nourishing Yoga, Together. 
OmNourish is a new line of vegan supplements developed uniquely to support the physical challenges yogis face on their journey to zen.

We love yoga teachers and are excited to welcome you to our growing community of Brand Ambassadors who are enthusiastic about yoga and nutrition, love that there is finally a supplement line for yogis, and want to spread the message that Yoga is for Any Body! 🙏🏼  

It’s important to us that ambassadors promoting OmNourish have tried and fallen in love with the products, so we’ve created these special offers to make that accessible for yoga teachers.

  What Other Ambassadors Are Saying:
"I'm super excited about this line. Made by a yogi for yogis!"
"OmNourish has all the products I want, at high-quality with the intention of enhancing your practice, making your lifestyle healthier and supporting your yoga journey. I'm super excited because now I have a whole line, with one click away to get it. Made by a yogi for yogis!"
Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, 
Alexandra Santos
"OmNourish Hydration Infusion [will] help you build a better Mind Body Breath lifestyle."
"Staying Hydrated whilst practicing Yoga is a Must. Adding crucial minerals to your pure filtered water like @OmNourish HYDRATION INFUSION will not only do wonders for your organs, glands and psyche but also help you build a better Mind Body Breath Lifestyle.” 
Yoga Teacher, 
Radha Devi Om 
"What a pleasure and honor to be part of your ambassador team."
"More and more I can link eating disorders to gut health and absorption. This is why the foundation of my work starts with a good, bio available supplement + hydration. OmNourish is my go-to option for all my US clients."
Yoga Teacher & Eating Disorder Coach, Pauline Hanuise, @paulinehanuise
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